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From Autumn 2006 Issue

With Signs & Witnesses From Jesus

A young boy just loved frogs He collected them in all shapes and sizes. Indeed, they were made of various materials! Sadly, there was a time when the little fellow became seriously ill, and eventually he passed in to the spirit world when no more than 10 years of age. His parents were naturally devastated and used to frequent his grave very often. One day whilst there, the mother filled with grief cried out loud- “Oh, if you could only let me know that you are alright!” Then – with truth stranger than fiction! – a frog from out of the undergrowth jumped on to the grave, stayed a while, and then hopped off. Mum was overjoyed – she knew her beloved son was just fine.
Thanks To Maurice & Betty Swift For The Above.

Yes, there are signs from God that are all around for those whose spiritual vision has not been impaired by the grit of this world’s secular education ‘which is foolishness with God’ (1 Corinthians.3:19) Even the animals that are living are aware of those who seek to do them good rather than harm. Below we have two photos snapped by Doreen, as are the rest! The first one is of a sweet lady who cares for stray animals. That’s alongside of running a quaint and delightful old world tavern and B&B – The Halfway Inn - helped by a caring hubby and a brother whose a gifted chef in the delightful hamlet of Pisgah near Aberystwyth. Indeed, they and the rescued animals, look down upon – what the locals call - the Promised Land. The second photo is one of blessing a seal in a wild life park at Colwyn Bay.

‘Proclaim the gospel by all means available –
and, if necessary, use words’
- St Francis Of Assisi

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