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From Summer 2006 Issue

A Most Inspiring Letter From Two Stalwarts:

We loved your butterfly story, (published in last quarter’s newsletter) and have one of our own. Here it is:

Richard my nephew was a Downs lad and much loved. Shortly before he went in to hospital, we were visiting him and he was quite excited, because he told us that soon the geese would fly by his window – as they did each evening. A few weeks later (because of heart problems) he was taken in to hospital and quietly stepped into the Spirit world. On the day of his cremation, as his Mum and Dad left the crematorium the geese flew overhead. His Mum was very tired through looking after Richard for so many years, and we suggested that she come on holiday with us. At first she said “no” as Richard loved his holidays and ‘studied’ maps and leaflets connected with their destination, but eventually she and her husband agreed to come with us. At the last minute she nearly ‘chickened out’ but not wanting to let us down, packed her bags and came. As they were leaving the house, once again the geese flew overhead. Both these occasions were not the usual fly-past time. Richard was letting her know – all was well!

Betty and Maurice Swift have another moving account which - God willing - will appear in next quarter’s newsletter. Meanwhile, may you be blest further by an incident that occurred when I was so very young. A little fellow, hardly eight years of age, left this earthly life and, as his Mum and Dad stood round his bed his face began to shine with a gorgeous radiance and he uttered these words: “Mummy I can see the angels!”; and then he obviously passed into their world. Several people verified the words uttered and the radiance that little fellow portrayed. And I, for one, am so glad to have learned about it. Dear reader, whose testimony do you prefer to accept: that of some puffed up scientific sceptic with the eyes and slither ness of ‘a cold fish’, or that of a young eight year old whose truthfulness is radiated from his face?

Indeed, I’m reminded of another young fellow who once answered the door to the rent collector at the door of his humble home. “Come in Mister and sit down. Mummy will come down the stairs soon. She is busy talking to Jesus. You’ll know it when she comes down. Mummy’s face always shines after she’s been talking to Jesus” Yes, was it any wonder that after Moses had been in the presence of God on Mount Sinai for forty days that he needed to wear a veil to cover the shekinah glory reflected in his face?

Amongst the paintings I admire is that of the dying vegetarian, philanthropist and revivalist John Wesley. The song on his lips were these: ‘I’ll praise my maker while I’ve breath’, Then, with utter resignation and blessing he said: ‘The best of all is that God is with us!’ I full well know how off putting some over enthusiastic and quite arrogant preachers of the gospel can be Those of you who’ve read my early autobiography will know that I had first hand experience of them. Nevertheless, how much sadder still to be an infidel, a sceptic, or a non believer. Yes, to have no sense of assurance; no knowledge of what it is to walk with God and know Him as a Person, rather than a mere abstract possibility. Indeed, the birds and the beasts know of the presence of God – with them He made covenants as well as with us. Here are two of Catriona’s rescued creatures; living so peaceably side-by-side as one could ever hope for!

Judi Hewitt (photographed below with Scooter) wrote the following beautiful lines the day after Scooter had passed over in to the Glory land. Scooter was a rescued cat who’d never been known to chase a bird or a mouse!

Although I miss you so much more than words could ever say;
And though my heart is broken on this dark and gloomy day;
At least I know you’re out of pain and free to roam at will;
No more the shackles of the house; just endless fun and thrill.

Just don’t forget me Scooter scamp, when you and Ted* take flight:
Or when I’m sleeping in my bed and you are out at night;
Though my heart aches, I know you’ll give me comfort in my grief;
But in the blinking of an eye, so it will seem to you;
We’ll be together once again, with all the love we knew.

*Ted, Scooter’s pal, had died a while previous

Yes, Sweet Jesus: ‘Thy Kingdom Come!’

For those who can make it: Animal Blessing service In Holywell Baptist Church, 13th of August at
Pets will be blest!. The sick and exploited will be remembered in prayer
All ages are welcome! (Chapel location is on street to the right of Somerfield’s Entrance.. Free parking available on supermarket car park)

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