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From Summer 2006 Issue

Those Letters Make A Difference

Yes, Judi, you certainly know how to stir some feathers. I congratulate you on your militance even if it makes some editors quake concerning repercussions that might follow. Nevertheless, Readers Views are frequently the first page to which many turn to out of personal interest. They want to know what members of the rank and file think, And both news editors as well as an en enlightened readership realise: all that is necessary for evil to succeed is that ‘respectable’ folk do nothing Indeed, for our future humanity, our unborn children – yes, and the animals: our brothers and sisters with whom we share this planet – folk must learn to put their pens to paper. Each newspaper worth its salt welcomes readers’ views, and their effect can be nothing short of astronomic.

I’ve had the honour to appear on TV four times since January. What an honour. Yet each time – being only human – I ask myself: ‘I wonder how it came across! I only wish I’d said this and left that out!’ Yes, and especially when – like the last interview on the Heaven & Earth Show it happened to be live. Admittedly, on such occasions I think of Christ’s words of comfort to the apostles: “Fear not for it shall be given you in that very hour just what you must say”. But even then, being truly human a spirit of doubting Thomas can so easily creep subtly within. Consequently, to receive totally unexpected letters of encouragement from dedicated animal activists – not least, Joan Court of Cambridge - saying: “you came across wonderfully” – seemed as if such correspondence had been penned by a messenger from Heaven.

Then, my brothers and sisters, let us write letters to the press and politicians; or, at the very least, let us write letters of encouragement to the many Judi Hewitts of our region as they stick their necks out high for such a noble and altruistic cause. Yes, and how about one to dear Wetherspoons whose food and ale are considerably reasonable. I found that on a recent menu they are proud to tell customers that all the eggs they use are free range; and all the milk they use is organic. Well, ‘three cheers for Wetherspoons’ where I’m always happy to purchase a veggie meal and a pint of ‘The Reverend James’ with which to wash it down. Incidentally, I think they should give me a discount on the latter ale brewed in Wales, but they never do!

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