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From the Christmas 2006 Issue

A Dedicated Cleric With A Vision From Down Under!

How refreshing it was to receive an email from an Australian cleric commending me on my website – one hosted by the magnanimous Hoffman Foundation. Yes, and perhaps more encouraging still as it came from a Presbyterian; for it was through the saintliness of a Presbyterian minister that I spiritually passed from darkness in to light. Indeed, at merely 17 and a half years of age, on my way to a Sunday cinema show, a strange compulsion to enter a church overtook me. Consequently, on passing over in to the open door of the same a delightful minister attired in Geneva gown, bands and hood, grasped my hand and with eyes of a spiritual glow uttered the words: ‘Welcome home!’

I went in to that church, dejected and utterly downcast, but as I came out the volume of my ears appeared to have been turned up: the birds were chirping; the stars were sparkling; there was a new spring in the stride of my feet; and Jesus was closer to me than words could express. He was real! He had found me and has been with me ever since. Well, much more could be said. The first twenty-four years is in my latest book YOUNG SPIRITUAL TRAMP. The rest is yet to be told either down here on earth or up there in Heaven. I tell you: Jesus is real, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

But getting back to my new Presbyterian acquaintance and friend, what follows is the recent sermon he delivered at the first animal blessing service he has ever taken. It’s a blessing to my soul; and I believe it will be to yours as well. So here it is:

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