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From Spring 2007 Issue

Joan Court To Go On A Hunger Strike In Oxford

On Thursday the 26th to Saturday the 28th of April – - at the Corn Market: outside St Michael’s church, delightful Joan Court of Cambridge – a militant Quaker - will once again be holding a hunger strike and vigil. This time her 3rd - to make folk aware of animal cruelty, and especially now at the present time in Oxford, following the reprehensible decision of its university to create nothing less than a veritable Belsen for primate experimentation.

This Global Hunger Strike will be entitled ‘FAST FOR FELIX’ (The incarcerated primate in the Oxford labs). It will be led by Joan who is now no less than 87 years of age! - and organized by the respected PETA foundation (People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals).

This will help to raise sponsor money all round the world for animal rights campaigns, and readers are asked to either send donations directly to Joan Court, 74, Sturton St, Cambridge. CB1 2QA, or else to PETA itself. Donations - no matter how small - will be much appreciated

N.B:  I learn that as Joan’s fast comes to its end around noon on the Saturday that animal activist John Curtin will be leading a peaceful march for the cause; and – though John is now a practising Buddhist – this will be interfaith and ecumenical, to which all are warmly invited

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