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From Summer 2007 Issue

A Saintly Lay Preacher & His Cat

Near where I live a delightful retired schoolmaster lives with a cat as his closest companion. He is a fellow who – along with myself – believes that God’s love embraces far more than a decadent humanity. Noel, for that is his name, was utterly devastated when his last cat died and I had the honour to conduct a little service for it within his garden.

Well, his new cat is the treasure of his life and something happened recently which has confirmed for my friend that his cat has a sixth sense. It so happened that Noel was keen to venture out one night and his feline companion literally blocked his passage as Noel’s car made its way down the drive. Indeed, this had never ever happened before so the engagement that night – entailing driving on the busy motorway – was cancelled.

But then, the next morning, hardly had the car got far along the local roadway than did a loud scraping occur. The breakdown club was called out and my friend was assured that the car, should it had gone the planned journey the night previous, could have resulted in an appalling accident – and, no doubt, serious fatality. Yes, indeed, Noel will – I sense – agree with the sentiments of many of us – that God does provide guardian angels for us and that they are frequently in the form of living pets rather than cherubs with wings!

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