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From Autumn 2008 Issue

Speaking Up For A very Sick Creature

It was a blessing being able to support quite local activists outside of Bobby Roberts circus at Wrexham. The demonstration was to highlight the plight of Anne, a lone and severely arthritic elephant. Anne had been cruelly captured from the forest regions of Sri Lanka at around 5 years of age. As a female elephant, living in the fellowship of a herd, she was incarcerated and, subsequently, trained to do unnatural gimmicks that would later accelerate arthritis. Indeed, for no less than half a century to follow, Anne was, more often than not, confined to a transporter van, a tent with a shackle attached to one of her feet – to limit her movement further! – and paraded to amuse shallow minded humans. I say ‘shallow minded’ because ‘where ignorance is bliss’ – the saying has it – then ‘it’s folly to be wise’. To delve deeper, as do animal activists, is to be repulsed by the background cruelty involved in making an elephant more submissive than an average human!

Indeed, to add to poor Anne’s drawn out and pitiable existence, within recent years two of her companions have died. And now this poor, aged and arthritic elephant, biologically created for fellowship with a herd of her kind, exists today in daily hours of drawn out solitary confinement. An exemption being that her owner, Bobby Roberts, is charging I’m told, £6 a time for humans to be photographed at the side of her.

Indeed, he declined an offer of around 25’000 pounds, raised through the Sunday Mirror readership, to have Anne removed so as to spend her final days within the spaciousness of the Born Free Foundation of Virginia Mc Kenna. Well, ‘thanks be to God’ that there are activists and welfarists prepared to stick out their necks and be counted, in a vile and cruel world where the majority do all they can to experience a calm and unruffled existence with a selfish attitude of ‘don’t poke your nose where it’s not wanted’. Yes, or ‘be like Nelson and turn a blind eye to the telescope’. I tell you that this world – and this country! – is in the appalling mess of the present time because the majority would ‘rather pay to watch a prize fight than fight for a prize hereafter’. Few, indeed, are the prophets left in the land, yet I’m more than delighted to have these few brave and outspoken souls as amongst my friends.

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