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From Autumn 2008 Issue

Thank God For Faiths More Christ Like!

It is to the credit of the Society of Friends (Quakers, many Salvationists and all Jehovah Witnesses, that they chose incarceration – if not death itself! – in appalling Nazi concentration camps rather than kill an enemy. Indeed, is it little wonder, indeed, that most compassion towards vulnerable animals has come from such sources The Quaker movement for animal rights and welfare is strong and growing; while to the other theological extreme we find Watchtower Publications full of pictures of a coming millennium age where the lion sits down with the lamb. Meanwhile, haughty mainline branches of Christendom, are not averse to denying even a soul to animals in this life, and no hope whatever in the life hereafter! I ask how much further could most ‘mainline’ churches remove themselves from the teachings and example of enlightened ld Testament prophets, not to mention Jesus Himself?

Of course, you don’t have to agree with me. You can quote not only the many Celtic saints – snd a few Latin ones!- to imply that Church leaders have always stood out for animals! You could quote one ortwo sayings by early Anglican converts to Roman Catholicism – not to mention one or two isolated sayings by Roman pontiffs or Protestant puritans, but – on the whole – the professed bride of Christ has miserably failed its Bridegroom to its utter and eternal shame.

Indeed I may well be speaking out, but the above things need to be said. I have not watered down my message during past decades – regardless of so many well-wishers having suggested that ‘in my real possibility of acquiring a future mitre’ I would be wise to play down ‘this present obsession with animal rights’. Consequently, at nearing 79 I certainly don’t intend to become wishy-washy, or indeed fork tongued like Lucifer himself! Never forget Dear Reader: ‘all that is necessary for evil to conquer is that ‘good?’ respectable folk say and do nothing!’ In ever age we need individuals who will stand up in a Lutheran like courage and say to the world: ‘here I stand. I can do no other. God help me’.

Hear the just law; the judgment of the skies;
He that hates truth shall be the dupe of lies.
He who will be cheated to the last,
Delusions strong as Hell, shall hold him fast

William Cowper

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