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From Spring 2008 Issue

I hope you like this Motif!

It is that of the Moravian Church, a Christian denomination earlier than that of Lutheranism and with links to the martyred preacher of Prague: John Huss. The denomination is quite small these days and the communities around which many of the churches stand are now no longer exclusive to members of their movement; yet a wonderful peace still permeates such places. Indeed, I think of Fulneck – famous for its public school – and Gracehill in Northern Ireland.

I don’t wonder that such places convey a sense of peace and an awareness of the numinous. Perhaps it could be that their motif is a factor behind this, as well as their major hymn which conveys the same emphasis: ‘Our lamb has conquered, Let us follow Him!’ Indeed, such a spiritual movement – to which John Wesley the founder of Methodism owed his conversion! - with its priority on spiritually orientated education, has been something they’ve had in common with the Jesuits.

Secular education – as I’ve said many times - merely provides the mental tools to turn little rascals in to big ones. Need one wonder, therefore, that hooliganism and appalling thuggery is on an astronomic assent within this Labour controlled state? Yes, a state which has downgraded family life, rejected Christian priorities, and turned education in to nothing more than a competitive ‘rat race’: all apologies to the rodent! Indeed, it is hardly surprising that as the forces of nature, via winds, seas and earth tremors become more frequent, that one dear fellow I know assures me that Armageddon is round the corner! He is an octogenarian and is convinced he’ll enter ‘the great tribulation’ within our lifetime! Indeed, he’s published an attractive book entitled ‘All Creatures Do Go To Heaven’ and though I confess to finding it heavy to digest in parts, I find much that is enlightening but even more that is very thought provoking. Bernard Coombes is the author and his e-mail is: [email protected] 

Sadly, during recent decades when the short sighted and less spiritual Anglican churches were happy to get rid of their church schools, our Roman brethren were wise enough and adamant in keeping theirs going. Would to God that the other smaller denominations had all held on to their’s as well! Fancy handing over the souls of our little ones in to the hands of a godless secularist state whose moral priorities – when they exist at all! - are as vastly removed from the Christian ethics of sex, marriage and family life as the moon is from cheese!

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