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From Summer 2008 Issue

On The March For Justice

A brilliant demo against the proposed Welsh badger cull took place on the 26th of July in Colwyn Bay. The event was organized by Judi Hewitt founder of North Wales Animal Rights, and it proved a great success. Indeed, I was also privileged to assist Judi in this venture for the cause, and the above photo shows the two of us leading the formation on the way to the promenade where there were speeches, songs, prayers and – not least! – a hymn for the animals, sung to the familiar tune of Onward Christian Soldiers. Here it is:

Onward Christian soldiers marching as to war;
Overcoming evils in Welsh farming law.
Fighting for our bovine friends, tethered through their life;
Foully abused as milk machines: a terrifying plight!

(Chorus after each verse)
Onward Christian soldiers; Christ will be our light.
We will fight this evil as champions for the right

Crammed in sheds; intensely bred; udders filled with pus;
Goaded by harsh farmers; this is far from just.
Mums robbed of their baby calves. A petrifying sight!.
Hear them bellow piteously through hours of day and night.

Need we doubt disease is rife, when spirits sink so low?
With cows so abused in foul sheds, T.B’s bound to grow!
Blame not harmless badger friends, for this present plight.
But cruel, evil, farmers trends; shame these with all your might

- Rev. James.Thompson.

Very sadly, the most influential newspaper of the district: ‘The North Wales Weekly News’ hardly as much as mentioned the venture; and one can only assume, rightly or wrongly, that the impartiality of a free press has been played down due to the influential lobbying of farmers who prefer using badgers as scapegoats for bovine TB. Yes, rather than blame the most inhumane practices of intensive breeding and daily exploitation of cows as being the chief culprits! It is, therefore, to the great credit of the much wider circulated ‘Daily Post’ that good publicity and coverage was given by it of this most memorable occasion; and that it should have appeared under the farming section of the paper is all the more credit to that newspaper’s farming and rural affairs correspondent. A credit, indeed, to this gentleman’s journalistic integrity!

Indeed, our local weekly newspaper truly excelled itself in giving a most fair and balanced account of the whole proceedings. Yes, such newspapers as ‘The Flintshire Chronicle’ are a credit to modern journalism and I see a semblance between the editor of this weekly newspaper as having affinity of spirit with W.T.Stead the outspoken correspondent of past fame. Indeed, the press can be a tremendous power for good because we all know that ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’. I don’t know about you, but I praise God for bold and balanced newspaper editors. Yes, and for correspondents such as Leo McKinstrey; Melanie Philips; and locally a Chris Moncrief of the Evening Leader. Here is an extract from one of his recent articles:

‘A few days ago we were told that there were about 1,000 legal ways that ‘the authorities’ can exploit to gain access to your home, which once used to be referred to as your castle. Now, we learn that last year more than 1,400 spying operations were instigated every day by local councils, the police and other forms of officialdom.

This is far worse than anything predicted by George Orwell in his terrifying novel 1984. The era is well and truly on us of Big Brother, the All Seeing Eye and the rap on the front door by some nosey parker. Yet when an MP discovers that he is under surveillance and that perhaps his telephone is being tapped, all hell breaks loose, and the Home Secretary of the day issues grovelling apologies.

Yet what about the rest of us?’

How very true Chris! Yet the rank and file – with their boast of ‘so-called’ education!’ are allowing this to happen under their very noses. Yes, to their own enslavement, and a worse one awaiting their sad offspring.

In an age in which church newspapers are as insipid as are most bishops, it is to a fair and fearless secular newspaper world that we must look for militancy and a firm stand against further erosion of freedom of both action and speech. Rights once strongly fought for, are being daily taken from us by this devious Labour government,

We all have our varying talents from God, which surely need to be used to the full? Returning to the above rally; the organizer of which was Judi Hewitt - an ex cabaret true professional who sang ‘Fields Of Gold’ and ‘Amazing Grace’ – another lady also added her contribution to the occasion. Talented Jean Bennington (her photo above!) – a most gifted harpist - sang as she played, from that musical instrument which is so dear to the heart of Wales. Yes indeed, a land that so many still proudly refer to as being ‘God’s own country’.( Would that its Assembly Ministers reflected this! ) Well done, Jean!!

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