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From Summer 2008 Issue

If God is good and almighty, why all this evil?

A question similar to this was put forward to me by a truly delightful soul from Northern Ireland. Marion had not only been mourning the life of her previous dog who had meant so much to her (see the gorgeous photo below!), but a recent dog in the province had been tortured to death by a twisted psychopath. Can one wonder, therefore, that she was now questioning the very existence of a God of love and omnipotence?

Already – due to so much animal brutality to animals in Catholic countries – she appeared to have lost faith in that Churches teaching. Could anyone blame her? But now she was questioning the very existence, it would appear, of God Himself. It appeared as if - as a last straw – having been told about myself, she wondered what spiritual advice I might be able to forward to her. Well, the following article is hardly, verbatim, what I said to her via e-mail. Nevertheless, the gist of it is much the same. So I pass it on to you my dear reader and fellow activist. It might help to shed a little light on a problem that so sadly arises when confronted with the appalling abuse of vulnerable life in this present evil age. Yes, cruelties that stare us in the face daily..:

First of all there are things that even an Almighty God – thankfully for us! - will not do. Here are a few: make black white, while it remains black; or visa versa! Make a square circle while it remains a square! Or again; visa versa! Make puppets identical to people, or people in every way the same as puppets. And it is the latter that concerns us here because we are told that God is our Father and that we are His people. Not puppets but all brothers and sisters in the one vast family of a fallen humanity.

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