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From Summer 2008 Issue

But rogues prosper; the innocent suffer most!

A question not touched upon may be: ‘Why do the innocent often suffer the most while evil folk such as Kaiser Wilhelm of World War 1 and Emperor Hirohito of World War2 were able to live out their days on earth in security, Yet their thousands of victimd were denied all this? Yes, it’s a most sensible kind of question, and methinks – to put it in right up to date appropriateness: why can Tony Blair now live in true affluence and cheesly grin, when responsible for a modern war in which there are still appalling casualties ocurring? Well, the simple answer is that there is a future hell to shun as well as a heaven to win. And whereas we have brief foretastes of both in this life, they are undoubted realities to be faced beyond the grave.

And never tell me that God is too good to allow anyone to go to a hell. I tell you that there are hells all around us in this life that He allows. ‘Nature is raw in tooth and claw’. May it not be that to be re.born as a beetle under a stone or as, indeed, a vivisector’s victim, could be the kind of hell that Jesus would use today to express the same? Could this not be why Buddhists, and others who believe in reincarnation across the species, are more friendly and protective of animals than Christians are? Thse may be unpalatable things to discuss, but they need to be said. I see no basic

contradiction between certain theories of reincarnation and in those of Christianity. However, what church folk find morally uncomfortable to face, they so often intellectually seek to discard.. The fact remains, however, that Jesus used common imageries. In this case a local rubbish dump to warn religious leaders with false priorities, of their future beyond the grave. (Today He might have used analogies like vivisectors ‘models’, or veal crates!) He spoke of “weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth; where the fires are never put out.” “How could such hypocrites possibly avoid the fires of hell?” He asked. . No wonder they came together to plan His downfall!

Like today’s religious elite, Christ’s religious contemporise made much emotion over insignificant issues, while major moral issues they they completely overlooked. In figurative language, conveying a sense of humour Jesus said: “You pick out gnats while you swallow camels whole!” Well is not this precisely what leading churchmen are doing in our time? The Lambeth Conference spent much emotion and energy over women bishops and gay clergy – minor self-motivated pressure groups, never satisfied! – But imagine the Conference debating animal cruelty or the need of the world to go Vegan because of humanity’s sake – regardless of animal rights – and they would be dumbstruck. I very much doubt whether there is even one Anglican prelate in the world who is as much as vegetarian. How sheep are abused and mistreated doesn’t appear to bother them one jot. Yet hypocrites that they are: we find them parading around with shepherds crooks. Supposed symbols of their calling!

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