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"Christ’s redemption is for the whole of creation!"

From Summer 2008 Issue

But now, on a much, much, happier note!

The above is a photo of two rescued creatures. Candidates bound for Heaven: who may well get there before I do. Yes, unlike most humans, these are herbivorous creatures that wouldn’t intentionally harm a fly. To that extent they are morally ahead of us! Their names are ‘Penny and Abigail’ Blakesley who dwell now in Llandudno. Well aren’t they a treat to behold? Who could ever sink so low as to eat the likes of these rescued ones on a dinner plate? It would be like eating ones dog or cat! How awfully programmed – yes, brainwashed! – fallen humanity has surely sunk. It’s not been moral and spiritual evolution through the millenniums for humanity. On the contrary, it has been constantly repeated moral and spiritual regression. Without Divine intervention depraved humanity – left to its own devices - would be eternally doomed.. Thank God for Jesus; for His undiluted message; and for the work of redemption he came to fulfill for us at the Hill of Calvary! And here is a picture depicting where His heart has ever lain.

Dear Activist, God bless You!

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