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From Winter 2008 Issue

Coldly Campaigning At Cymru’s Conservative Conference

The weather was bitterly cold, and the wind was howling, as we gathered to hold a vigil outside Llandudno’s Imperial hotel. The aim was to catch the eyes and ears of those who entered the building. An appropriate pamphlet was handed to those who would accept it; and the following prayer was given by myself, hopefully in ear shot of those assembling within:

Gracious God, we pray this day that a spirit of compassion may permeate the religious and political leaders of, what was, ‘God’s own country!’. We ask that sensitivity towards all life that suffers may be uppermost in our hearts. And a realisation that the more vulnerable a life is then the more it needs to be watched over and cared for. And that such sensitivity and compassion must never be confined to humanity, but to all life under the sun.

(Priest) Lord in Your mercy               (ALL) Hear this our prayer.

We ask this day that the Conservative leaders convened within our principality may evolve with a heart of compassion and care, rather than one of coldness, callousness, and of stone. We pray that the needs of the animal kingdom may have a large place within their hearts - over which we are all called to be carers and guardians. That we might all realise also that cruelty which is not curtailed towards one form of life so easily spreads in to another

(Priest) Lord in Your mercy                (ALL)  Hear our prayer

We realise that those who condone sadistic practices towards defenceless animals are in reality opening the flood gates as well as fanning the flames for the sick and possessed to inflict similar pain and suffering upon helpless humans  (Baby P being but the latest case here!) Then teach the Tory leaders here this day that to condone cruelty by an indifference of callousness is a grave error. It can open the sluice gates into sadism that lurks within a depraved, sophisticated and fallen world

 From such evil:

(Priest)  Lord save us              (ALL)  Lord graciously save us

Finally, we offer these our petitions in the Name of The One who modelled His life and ministry on that of a herdsman who was willing to suffer and die – if need be – to rescue a wayward animal. Yes, to bind its wounds and carry it close to His heart. Yes, our blessed Lord who called Himself the Good Shepherd.

We ask then that the Christian and political leaders of Wales might emulate such a Saviour; and may they – and most certainly ourselves as well! - realise that ‘but for the grace of (You our) God’, we could have been born – this time round? – as a creature to be chased to its death. Yes, dug out. Separated from its young that are left to starve. Chased and urinating with fear; until torn to shreds by a pack.; And all in the preposterous name of human field ‘sports!’

(Priest) From such satanic forces of demonic possession

(ALL)  Lord save the Welsh Tory party. Yes, and us as well.    Amen 

Once again, the driving force behind the above-dignified vigil was Judi Hewitt, a modern Suffragette for the great cause of animal rights. Yes, a lady with a heart of compassion combined with the courage of a lioness. She asks other likeminded folk to join her and when they cannot, she turns up single handed to face the opposition. Such virtuous women make me feel utterly ashamed at the timidity of my own sex. This present corrupt world is unworthy of such militant and yet most dignified ladies.

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