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From Winter 2008 Issue

And A Little Child Shall Lead Them!

Such are the words of Isaiah concerning a restored Paradise on earth, the figurative expression of what some have termed a millennial age. Well, whether or not the language akin to poetry should be interpreted as figurative imagery or coming historic fact, matters little to me. I only know that those nearest to the very heart of Jesus are those little children over whom the angels hover. Yes, indeed, of such is the Kingdom of Heaven; and in that figurative New Jerusalem of God, the little children play in the streets and intermingle with all the animals because – again in such beautiful literary style – we learn that ‘None shall harm or destroy because the earth will have become as full of the knowledge of God as the waters cover the sea’.  Children – before corruption in to callousness and cruelty can take place via adult indoctrination – are basically good, open, honest and unpretentious. Yes, and such qualities I came across while visiting a pet cemetery that holds a special place in my heart. Just recently, Doreen took the following photograph; and it speaks volumes that cannot be expressed in words. ‘Thank You Jesus for all the lovable animals that bring such comfort in to the lives of so many. Yes, and thank you Jesus for children such as this one who give us a foretaste of Heaven here upon earth!’

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