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From Winter 2008 Issue

Something That Needs Prayer, Followed By Action

While we must ‘fight the good fight’ against evil in the new Oxford primate research centre, it may be that the following establishment is much nearer to one’s doorstep. I refer to Britain’s largest Beagle Factory situated at Capel Isaacs, Carmarthenshire! I’m told that the dogs there are kept in iron cages and fed on pellets; that over 4000 dogs are sold from this place to vivisection labs every year. Then let us get writing to the press, the churches and the local authorities, and show ourselves to be the true servants of a righteous God.. Such evils can only thrive when ‘good?’ folk do nothing

  Dear Reader, May The Christ Child Bless You This Christmas, And Grant You A 

  Wonderful Year To Come. With Much Love From Both Of Us (James & Doreen).

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