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From Autumn 2009 Issue

The Ripples Are Truly Spreading!

That kind lady, Linda J. Bodicoat of Leicester, has assured me not to get depressed or feel as if I have in any way failed. “You have started ripples which are having an effect greater than you may ever imagine!’’ Such were the sentiments she expressed over the phone and I’m beginning to realise that there is much truth in them. I often tell others that we are our worst critics, yet fail to apply such advice toi one’s self!

Not only have we, as a group, inaugurated an animal remembrance service near Marble Arch, London, but others have since taken up similar ideas! One on the actual 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month:- the effort of a colourful horse community, with representatives of the military and some associated, I sense, with the ‘tally ho’! Others have sought a small niche for remembering the animal victims of war to coincide with the Remembrance Sunday Morning services. One of these has taken place at a war memorial in Eastbourne; another at Warrington. Both under the major influence of godly Quakers! While yet another ‘animal witness’ took place - on the Sunday following Remembranbce Sunday – when pigeons used in war were remembered at Worthing; thanks again to dear Cynthia O’Neil

More unique still - to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the London Animals War Memorial having been officially opened by the Princess Royal - a rally of remembrance took place ‘In Birmingham!’ on the 24th! Honoured on being asked to take part, but unable because of pre-arranged commitments, the following was read out in my absence:

‘My Prayers are with you this day, even though my presence is in Holywell, North Wales. You folk gathered here today are (what Jesus called) ‘the salt of the earth’. You are speaking up for life that cannot speak up for itself. Others prefer to remain mute. They prefer to turn a blind eye to animal abuse. They do not want to know that at the beginning of World War One (1914) - because the agonising cries of animals in the front lines affected the morale of the army - that it was decided to remedy the situation. The voice boxes of thousands of mules were surgically removed! Vets were prepared to do it; and chaplains were prepared to condone it.

However, let us not be too judgmental today because as recent as 2005, approximately 21’000 experiments were performed on sentient animals in Porton Down. Vivisectors appointed by the MOD did it for the purposes of chemical warfare and experimentation. Yes, and all this took place almost within the very shadow of Salisbury cathedral where clergy preferred not to know!

I tell you: All that is necessary for evil to flourish is that ‘socially respectable’ folk say and do nothing. Well, thank God that you folk gathered in Birmingham this very morning are fully prepared to both say and do something! You are, in my mind, the true followers of Jesus – although you may not see it that way! – And, as you salute the fallen animals this day, I salute each one of you from the very depth of my heart.

The Rev. James (Thompson)

Yes, the ripples are certainly spreading – I know it is God’s will that we attend the Marble Arch War memorial to observe the Remembrance Day Sunday for I have no doubt at all about that! But to those who now prefer: other times, other days and other venues, I wish them ‘every blessing’. As long as the dear animals are now starting to be remembered – turned 5 years on! - we can rejoice that other groups are now as anxious to use this prominent public spot with, hopefully, as much reverence and dignity as has been done by us in the last two years.

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