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From Autumn 2009 Issue

To all those lovely people who send gifts and greetings to keep this newsletter ticking over, Doreen and I convey our heartfelt thanks.

ĎMay you enjoy a blest, cruelty free Christmas, and of more importance: a coming year - 2010 - of gloriously fulfilled opportunitiesí

Dear friends,

This year has passed by so quickly, the countryside has remained very green and beautiful, due to all the rain. Itís not been picnicking weather, but we have enjoyed many walks along the various promenades and lakes around here.

We hope that life has been good to you and we look forward every Christmas to hearing your news.

In June we had a holiday in Yorkshire visiting old haunts, and then spent time with our family, which was most enjoyable. We attended a hypnotherapy weekend in Scarborough in September and afterwards made some nostalgic visits to seaside places, along the North East Coast, on our homeward journey via the Humber Bridge.

In November we spent five days in North London with friends. On the 8th November (Remembrance Day Sunday) James conducted a service at the Animals War Memorial at Brook Gate, Park Lane. This was to remember the animals who died in the wars. The above picture shows us just after the ceremony.

Our family members are working hard and some are quite pressurised. No one has moved house because of the Crisis Ė you canít sell. On Jamesís side, grand-daughter Rebecca and Andrew decided to surprise us and were married quietly in August. Her cousin Sarah, and James had a daughter in June.

In Holywell we have Christmas lights on, in the High Street, in spite of the financial crisis. They brighten the dark nights up. Our new modern church is thriving. It was built as a Community Church and certain grants were allowed. The old hall and curates house were sold too. We now have a good airy building and it is used by many groups in the week time

We hope you have a happy Christmas. Doreen and James


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