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From Spring 2009 Issue

A Date For One’s Diary:
8th Of November at 10.30am

After a most successful response last Remembrance Sunday, we again hope to repeat such a service of remembrance this coming Armistice Sunday. The Good Shepherd’s presence will, I’m sure, be felt again when we remember the animal victims of war, to be held at the Animals War Memorial on Park Lane, at Brook gate, which is level with Upper Brook Street; and across from Hyde Park, London

On the stroke of – when others throughout the UK will remember the human conscripts of war who forfeited their lives to give us freedom and democracy - our hearts will go out in gratitude to those animal victims as well. You may care to join us in prayer, reverence, dignity and praise! Yes, ‘we will remember them’ and, somehow, I sense they will know it!.

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