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From Summer 2009 Issue

What is most despicable and disgusting of all?

Having already touched upon my own contempt and disgust for practices that result in the worldwide spread of disease – and not least AIDS; the carriers of whom are allowed anonymity! - I would never confine the evils of lust to the penis but – even more so – to that of the palate! We of an older generation speak with horror about today’s sexual promiscuity. We rightly see the long term harm and damage that it does to family life. But, we so often, conveniently fail to perceive the horrific damage that ensues through the abuse of our palates. We, so often, denounce deviant sexual practices as appallingly unhygienic and damaging to body mind and soul; which they so frequently are! However, at the same time, we of an older generation wash our hands and unfold a clean napkin before consuming the decaying carcass of an animal. Yes, conveniently failing to realise the damage it does to our body; never mind the soul! We talk about hygiene while we eat dead corpses. We turn our bodies – the temple of the Holy Spirit - in to an animal’s graveyard; expect to be healthy and question why human diseases relating to assimilating dairy and animal products are soaring. What fools we are! Our attitude on health is often as irrational as the man who rejected slices of tongue about to be placed on his salad. “I never eat that which comes from inside the mouth of an animal” he said. “The very thought of it quite turns my stomach: I wonder, waiter, if I may just have a couple of eggs instead?”

In an age of upside down priorities - when feasting at the figurative tree ‘to acquire knowledge’ takes precedence over feasting at the tree of ‘how to live’ – the complete opposite to the biblical priority! - the most vulnerable forms of life (animal and human) become its top victims! Not only has the recent innovation of diabolic ‘zero grazing’ for cows been brought to this country from America; but now in that same country – which had amongst its first white settlers godly Quakers and Pilgrim Fathers – comes the following, scientific innovation, for infliction upon defenceless bulls:

‘Animals are violated in many ways. In the United States bulls used to identify cows in heat and ready for artificial insemination have their penises redirected sideways, amputated, or surgically attached to their lower abdominal walls to ensure they will not attempt to have intercourse with the cow?

Tragically illustrating that animals have no worth and are used and abused by man without regard as and when, with impunity. Can one comprehend the mutilation and resulting pain this procedure inflicts on these innocent creatures? Not only is this act barbaric, but these bulls are left emotionally disturbed’

For the above report I’m indebted to - dedicated to the cause! - Jim & Lilian Buckner; founders of NOWALE of which I’m honoured to be a patron. The extract is from their latest magazine – superbly illustrated and compiled by Lilian, its editor.

( Contact: National Association Working Against Live Exports (NOWALE) Souldern, Bicester, Oxon, OX27 7LA )

I tell you, such evils know no bounds; and far too many ‘clap happy’ Christians condone it. One of them once remarked: “animal welfare might have its place, my brother. See you don’t get side tracked. Get folks to know the Lord!” I hope he’s not one to whom Jesus will say: “Depart from me; I know you not!” (see Mathew 7:21-23).

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