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From Summer 2009 Issue

Joan excels herself once more!

Another superb book for light and happy reading – yet getting across deep and needful issues! – is ‘charismatic’ Joan Court’s ‘follow on’ autobiography. What a wonderful gift to be able to use past academic skills to converse with dons, yet go on hunger strikes as well! Indeed, to look upon being ‘The Bunny Hugging Terrorist’ as something to wholeheartedly get involved in rather than be fearful of pursuing!. Joan is an adventurer ‘all the way’ and a social animal valuing companions of both sexes, past and present. However, she always has a mind of her own, plus past vocations to be justly proud of. She thrives as a 90 year old and I sense her secret is in treating challenges with glee rather than gloom. ‘I think being frightened is good for you’ she writes. ‘It shakes up the system, increases your heart rate and is probably more advantageous than going to the gym’. Well with such an attitude Joan has still, I sense, many years to ‘rock the establishment’ in her own inimitable and winsome way.

Copies are available direct from: ‘Selene Press’, 74 Sturton Street, Cambridge. CB1 2QA at £11.50 each, which includes both postage and packing. ( cheque to be made out to: Joan Court ).

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