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From Autumn 2010 Issue

We Were Honoured To Be Guests!

Yes thanks to the kindness of Don Gwillim founder of ‘The Chistian Vegetarian Assoc. Uk’ Doreen and I – both feeling very much under the weather in June – were able to sit back and enjoy wonderful fellowship, first class accommodation and food, during The Leeds University Conference related to Christianity and Vegetarianism. The lecturers were quite brilliant, varied and complementary to each other. The major Christian Faiths were represented and - not least! - Anglo Catholicism by a clergyman gifted with wit and humour, adding sparkle to the whole event Thanks Don for all the organising you must have been involved in. I can assure you that we enjoyed every minute of it; and for ourselves it also proved most therapeutic!

Don & I, Thirsting After Righteousness!

Incidentally, concerning such a subject as the above, a book has just been released this fortnight entitled FAMILIAR STRANGERS By John Gilheany. I sense it may well prove ‘the top- seller’ for all relevant readership and appears most reasonably priced at £9.99. I have yet to acquire a copy, obtainable via: .

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