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From Autumn 2010 Issue

Episode 7
The Flock That Christendom Forgot
Or an animal padre’s uphill pilgrimage

The months of activity in a parish where one might think ‘butter would not melt' speedily passed by. The time of my second annual church meeting approached. But this time there was a difference. People turned up to vote whom I'd never ever seen in church before! Yet, so many loopholes existed in the C of E that each was legally entitled to vote, as they resided within the parish boundaries and could always say that they had made their annual Easter communion elsewhere!

Truly legal but horribly wrong

Soon, the one I had dismissed as Rector's warden the previous year was voted on as People's warden; and others - some whom I had never met, and chiefly from the farming community - would now have an unhealthy control over the finances which - once in the red - would reflect very badly on myself as Rector. Yet I could do nothing about it. Like vivisection, it was undoubtedly legal yet terribly wrong! An earlier 24 hours of vigil and fast, confined within the mother church (the parish had two places of worship), where I pleaded that good would conquer evil, had not stopped this latest opposition to my prophetic stand.

The Godliest of men, a local chemist with roots in South Wales, uttered memorable words to me at the close of this my final AGM: “Rector, you have taken a strong stand for God and He will not let you down. Very sadly I feel the powers of evil seem to have prevailed. I think God has something else for you Rector, away from this parish!”. And it appeared as if he was going to cry. My previous wife had already walked out of the meeting, her eyes full of tears. The vet and gentleman farmer (my ex-warden) had been constantly sniggering across to each other, while they'd constantly sought to trip me up on trumped up 'points of order'. “If these folk claim to be Christians, I want nothing to do with it!” she'd affirmed.

- to be continued

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