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From Spring 2010 Issue

She Loves Animals & Their Careers Too!

Norma Benney lives as an artist in Provence. Indeed, on visiting this dear lady we were invited to join her in a weekly protest outside the villageís travelling cinema. Each night it came to Provence, dear Norma would be there, single handed, opposing Kentucky fried Chicken in front of the que of folk waiting to enter the show. She felt truly supported when Doreen and I joined her, with placard in hand.

Itís not so bad when you are accompanied, but to protest weekly all by ones self, takes real guts. However, other villagers were against Normaís bold stand so, eventually, the village hall forbid her to continue. The dear soul also, with great courage, denounced the selling of Pate Fio De Gras, and you can imagine the repercussions from other villagers; especially the local restaurants. Norma has had her posters, which expose such evils ripped from the gate of her home. Here is a true champion for the animal cause. a gifted jewel in the midst of so much conditioned crap!

I was deeply touched when Norma forwarded to me the above portrait sheíd made of myself. ĎIím still more than touchedí. Yes, and my clerical opponents are in full agreement with me here! But like Norma, we are not bothered about what men think. We are only concerned about what God thinks.

Meanwhile, as one of Franceís most well talented of contemporary artists, Norma Benney uses her gifts and time as a beacon in a wilderness., Yes, such folk indeed, are too good for this present crooked, greedy and self-centred society. Indeed, the cruelty condoned towards animals in France is even worse than here in the UK. Keep up the wonderful work dear Norma. God and goodness are on your side. Below is a photo of Norma painting her recently deceased friend in the animal cause: Naomi Lewis:


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