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From Spring 2010 Issue

What Every Animal Activist Should Have!

For no more than the cost of postage and packing, here is a small, concise and profound publication of 102 pages for each reader to possess, or to order for others! What is more, it is the work of a wonderful friend and colleague of truly international renown: Dr Vernon Coleman.

Indeed, what this most compassionate and caring of people does not know as regards Vivisection - and on the more uplifting side too: the power of positive thought; plus all aspects of medicine! - I honestly sense no one else knows!

To have at your finger tips every answer to refute all the excuses made by Vivisectors, send £2 for each copy required, (cheque or Postal Order made out to: Rev James Thompson) Be sure to enclose your full address and postcode. Phone number optional. All orders will be posted within 28 days.

Deep Appreciation: ‘ For all who contribute to the furtherance of our work – both known and anonymous – Doreen and I want you to know that we are most grateful ! ’.

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