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From Summer 2010 Issue

These Diabolic Battery Cow establishments

Are we going to sit back and allow them to be erected within ‘so called’ animal loving Britain? Well, God Forbid! If we have as much as an ounce of compassion and pity left, then we must oppose this satanic innovation to the last. How can respectable folk sit back and allow such evils to creep in and spread like a putrid moral cancer? Only the utterly spineless – or sadly retarded – could turn a blind eye – Nelson style – to the telescope! Yes, or like an ostrich, bury their head within the sand! Indeed, how dare bishops carry a crook as symbol of their supposed pastoral calling, yet ignore the increasing abuse of gentle, herbivorous animals who look to such for help! Talk about the hypocrisy of the Victorians? Why! Their morals were far less hypocritical than Christendom’s today!

While secular newspapers, such as the well-balanced Daily Mail, are exposing both cloned cows and battery cows, evangelical Christians as a whole just couldn’t care a toss. Their concern seems confined to securing in heaven a place for themselves – to use a Lancashire expression from Doreen – after they have ‘popped their clogs’! Indeed, for greedy, gluttonous mercenary minded farmers to erect animal battery establishments, is for them to stand in direct opposition to anyone with even an iota of compassion left in their veins. And any local council who gives such mercenary minded, soulless characters, ‘the go ahead’ needs to be jeered at and justly heckled.

You look around today and wonder why there are so many animal Belsens grotesquely standing in ‘off track’ rural surroundings, and I’ll tell you why. It’s because ‘so called’ decent folk said and did nothing. I think of one ‘Treblinka’ that stands in close proximity to a picturesque village church where I once officiated – they never asked me back! At the close of worship, as the folk were leaving and I was there to shake their hands; one bemused local came up to me in looks of sheer amazement: “This is the first time in all my life that I’ve heard prayers extended ‘for animals!’ in a church service.” Well, how terribly sad! One ‘devout’ nun taught her class that you must never say ‘God bless you’ to an animal. You can say ‘Good Luck instead!’ She then qualified her remark to the class by saying: ‘You see, unlike ourselves, animals do not have a soul!’

Such was the nun’s indoctrination and, before one criticizes her, let me say that in a letter addressed to myself, the former cardinal archbishop of Westminster states: ‘Catholic theology affirms that an animal has no soul and when it dies it ceases to exist’. And sadly such an influential branch of Christianity has emphasised the consistency of its teaching down the centuries – its semper eadem – ‘always the same!’ Ah, but we know different, and even the present Pope has given one or two slight hints that one might meet a bereft animal in a future state to come! Yes indeed, “many that are first shall be last; and the last first!” Such are the words of The Master.

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