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From Winter 2010 Issue

My Recollection Of Chelmsford
(My wife will tell you!)

ĎYes thatís true! About ten years ago my husband James, was invited to preach at a Special service in Chelmsford Cathedral. Animal welfare groups had been invited as well. I remember the cathedral was full of people and children. The Mayor and Mayoress , local M.P. and a girls choir were also there, and other clergy too.

The service went well and at the appropriate time my husband was escorted to the pulpit. He began to preach with much gusto and eventually came round to explaining his stand on the treatment of animals and the battery system. As it was the 2nd December he explained how everyone should become vegetarian and help save the planet and help save themselves from disease as well, or at least buy free-range chicken, turkey and eggs for their Christmas meals.

Well, at this point five or six mature ladies got onto their feet and stalked out of the cathedral in disgust; one being a parsonís wife next to me. I couldnít believe it! However, it was amazing, because once they had left and James sermon was coming to a close, loud cheers went up and everyone started clapping. So all was not lost! Then, in the hall afterwards people were anxious to meet James and learn more. Later in the evening we were guests at a vegetarian venue attended by our gracious host, Pamela Townsend, and some dignitariesí.

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