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From Winter 2010 Issue

Beliefs Effect Upon Behaviour

It is no coincidence, that those world faiths - which teach of future retribution through being ‘born again’ in to the kind of creature one has exploited most - results in a real care of such creatures in the ‘here and now’!. Well, these ‘liberal’ theologians who cast out the narrow path Jesus taught for an all inclusive brand of equality for all, are, surely, in for a shock! For God is not mocked: “Broad is the path that leads to destruction and many there be that go that way!” And, the fruits of pursuing such a path is all around us. Only this very day have I learned of how ‘the first ever’ lady Lutheran bishop – a divorcee and an avowed Lesbian – has been forced to quit after drunk driving. Today’s coverage reminds me of active homosexual bishop Gene Robinson who frequents counselling due to an alcoholic addiction.

Such libertine leaders, who know not the meaning of self denial or of moral restraint, are a contrast indeed to outspoken Pope Benedict who – in line with every major branch of Christianity! – upholds New Testament teaching concerning the sanctity of sex and its safeguard for bringing up children ‘in the fear and nurture of the Lord!’ Yes, there is something truly to be said for Godly fear! The lack of it has resulted in the utterly appalling break down of family life in which children suffer, by far the most. More and more of these youngsters have no idea who their fathers are, while their mums have frequently become little more than baby producers financed by every struggling type of tax payer. Well, enough said!.

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