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From Winter 2010 Issue

Episode 8 - The Flock That Christendom Forgot; or an animal padre’s uphill pilgrimage

Along with the Godly chemist, a loyal circle of evangelical believers came together to support my previous Wife and I outside of the church hall. We had regularly come together in prayer and weeknight Bible study at the Rectory, and I've no doubt they almost worshipped the ground I walked on. Such devout souls had upheld my preaching of the gospel message as they had my denunciation of animal cruelty. And now their prayer support was to result in a miracle of its own!

Obviously more than a coincidence, the very next morning a letter awaited me in which I was asked if I would consider the acceptance of an incumbency elsewhere (I had never ever received a letter offering me an incumbency before, though I’d applied for several!). The post offered was that of chaplain of a brand new hospital; and with it went an industrial Anglo-Catholic parish. The hospital was St Luke's General and Psychiatric Hospital in Huddersfield and the parish adjacent was St Luke's, Milnsbridge. where the PM Harold Wilson was brought up.

Because of my recent Sheffield protest against obscene films the Bishop of Blackburn was keen to consider me for a prestigious post in his diocese; as indeed, so was the far-off Bishop of Bermuda within his delightful cathedral. However, the hospital chaplaincy adjacent to a truly 'down-town' industrial Huddersfield parish was a strong pull indeed; and the invitation – certainly coming as it did - appeared to be unmistakably from the hand of God. Consequently, I was soon to find myself ministering, not only to black, white and half-caste; but - praise God! – soon to mongrel, moggie and pedigree as well.

- to be continued

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