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From Spring 2011 Issue

Godly Women, Not Spiritual Wafflers & Windbags!

‘Lives of great men all remind us, we must make our lives sublime;
And in moving, leave behind us: footsteps in the sands of time!’

Such are the memorable words of Longfellow. However, we must always include men created in the image of God as including women, a factor which is theologically correct. As the Good book says: ‘He created mankind in His own image, both male and female created He them! This needs to be emphasised, as, in my experience concerning our animal cause, more women appear to have taken a noble single cause than have men. Indeed, the bravery of women in inaugurating activist movements, vigils and protests has more than rivalled the men involved. And, as for males who have sought to fulfil some noble task, then it has so often been due to the influence of a Godly mother or a loyal and supportive wife. Praise God for the fairer sex I would say, but only on the proviso that the so-called ‘fair sex’ includes those beautiful brunettes as well! My emphasis here is not on beauty that is skin deep but of that which comes from the heart. Yes, a heart that bleeds with compassion and empathy for all life that suffers; and a courage prepared to take a stand single-handed when necessary against socially accepted evils inflicted upon vulnerable animals unable to defend themselves or their young.

Handing over the future ‘Remembrance Sunday Morning’ Act Of Worship’ to Fr George O’chola

Shame, I say on so many men who hold positions of influence within the churches and the political parties, who could do so much but prefer to do nothing memorable at all. My friends. greater, indeed, must be the guilt that rests upon their shoulders when they stand before the judgment seat of The Most High God! They could have done so many things for our animal brethren, but rather than rock their Laodicean boats they have chosen – even for Lent! – a cushion in place of a minor cross. Indeed, our wonderful colleague Don Gwillim - Founder of the Christian Vegetarian Association of the UK (of which I feel honoured to be a patron) - has annually written to church leaders. His simple request being that a vegetarian diet be considered as having a legitimate place within our so called Lenten Fast. Yet the vast majority of bishops’ throughout the UK have ‘responded’ by silence and seeming total indifference. Though they mostly have fulltime secretaries, they haven’t even had them drafting out a reply in acknowledgment. Well, if such is the rot that has set in at the top then heaven help those at parish levels subordinate to them!.

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