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From Spring 2011 Issue

‘Braveness And Inward Beauty!’

For myself, I have no fear in preaching from any cathedral pulpit; but ask me to flog raffle tickets and I just go to pieces! Again, women folk appear to be more gifted in fund raising then the men I’ve met. Indeed, I need go no further than my own county of Flintshire to see wonderful women pioneering animal welfare in its many complementary facets. Whereas I have lectured, preached and even published a book on taking a positive stand in life, remarkable women in the vicinity are practising what I have preached but often failed to practise. Yes, I too have been a hypocrite!

As for those ladies who feel that it is not their gift to verbally speak out for our animal cause, there are those amongst them who are so exceedingly generous in donating to what others are endeavouring to do! St Paul in the New Testament was so very grateful to those ladies who contributed of their substance to the needs of the early church. Well, I know this that those who have financially contributed to ‘Christians Against All animal Abuse’ are almost exclusively the members of the ‘fairer’ sex. Incidentally, I don’t know why women are referred to as the fairer sex or why gentlemen are supposed to prefer blondes. ‘Brunettes are beautiful’ is my belief. I’m married to one! Ah but outward beauty is only skin deep. It is the inner beauty of the heart that counts and folk need to realise this. Let me explain:

Around thirty years ago I visited a home for ‘the incurable’ in Yorkshire. After the Service had closed the matron asked me to visit one of the side beds slightly partitioned off from the rest. As I entered it, I felt Jesus within it and at my side. There were sacred pictures above the bed; but as for the patient within it, I was startled and taken back. I recognised her as having been one of those at the ward service previous who’d dribbled, stumbled and stuttered so much that I felt she was not compus mentus; and I’d then been anxious to divert my attention elsewhere.

How terribly mistaken I’d been! This poor soul - quite pronounced as her presence had been, not only through stammering but also due to the smell of stale urine! – was obviously very much in tune with God. Consequently, that day within this hospice for the assumed incurables, I realised – as never before - the truth of St Augustine’s words: ‘Lord, make me beautiful within’, Yes, because that’s the only lasting beauty that counts! And, incidentally, does not that apply to the animals as well? Indeed, I deeply admired a lady in my last parish which was on the Moray Firth: “I chose the ugliest pup from the litter because I knew that no one else would take it!” she affirmed. Well, what a truly wonderful lady was Lena! And so was the outwardly odd looking dog that she brought with her to church every week! Its cute name was Bobo.

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