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From Spring 2011 Issue

The ‘WAG’S’ More Crooked Than ‘Clerical Crooks’!

Here we are supporting dear Judi Hewitt, in Llandudno’s busy Mostyn St. to oppose the vile and cruel Badger cull

Elin Jones the agricultural minister, is from farming background, and Brynlie Williams another AM has a massive farm quite close to where we live. Such folk must have vested interests and for that reason should not be allowed to take part or vote on that in which they have a personal interest. At least that was the policy in the 1980s when I was a member of the Grampian Council. However, it seems as if Wales is quite different and therefore, because of this, open to maximum abuse. And incidentally, while other businesses close because they cannot pay their way, ‘the farm business income in Wales is subsidised to between eighty and ninety percent!

Farmers are, I feel sure, using badgers as a scapegoat for the breakout of Bovine TB, A disease which anyone with a minimum of common sense must surely feel is a disease brought about as one of the dire consequences of cruel intensive farming practices. In all honesty, it would be a miracle if such saddened, pitiable and horrendously exploited animals were to remain immune! Just consider how much milk is stolen from them each day; how often they are forcibly made pregnant; how often their babes are stolen from them! Yes, just look in to their very eyes and see the pent-up sadness. Those responsible for the same sick methods must surely be the actual scum of this earth? Yet there are those amongst them who hypocritically masquerade as Christians: reciting the story of Jesus, a good shepherd laying down His life for a sheep. Yes, you’ll find some of their ilk also singing gustily the 23rd Psalm in Chapel on a Sunday. And who condones all this downright hypocrisy? It’s Wales’s mute and feeble bishops who bear a most revealing badge of office: a crook!

As for the ‘Welsh Assembly Government’ - known as WAG! - Its latest act of notoriety was to sanction the shooting of over thirty cows grazing in a field near Wrexham; and this in full view of hospital patients and – believe it or not! – school children playing!.

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