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From Summer 2011 Issue

An Irish Council To Be Justly Commended!

I refer to the ICABS - which is short for the ‘Irish Council Against Blood Sports’. This is due to the fact that they have not only criticised a minority of priests who delight in furthering blood sports, but they have also appealed to their spiritual superiors to intervene and openly oppose such barbaric practices that are inflicted upon helpless animals. Indeed, I am regrettably only too well aware of the fact that some priests have even partaken in bullfights within Spain, and that a former archbishop viewed such horrendous scenes with glee! And unfortunately, this can actually be understood when such a church has openly taught that an animal has no soul! Yes, that when they are dead that is the end of them! No surprise then that a former archbishop of Milan – a fellow called Battisi – affirmed in January 1989, to the utter shock of so many of the faithful, that ‘one cannot sin, in the real sense of the term, against an animal as such a creature has no soul’.

Yes, and before you might be tempted to think that I as an Anglican clergyman am using this as an opportunity to get a dig at Roman Catholicism I would simply add that Catholicism is not the sole culprit here. The college through which I graduated for entrance into the Anglican ministry – ‘Wycliffe Hall of the University of Oxford’ – has now, as ‘Lecturer in Spirituality’, a lady quite recently married to a cleric proud to be known as ‘The Hunting Parson’. No offence to her, but then wonders do not cease here! No single cleric has been branded Anti Roman more than Northern Ireland’s Rev. Dr Ian Paisley. And though – much to his credit - this man has been known to oppose blood sports; he too - like the Catholicism he has opposed – has equally taught that animals will have no place in Heaven. For him it is not the past anthropocentric philosophy of Rome’s Scholasticism, which has programmed him, but rather that of the Reformation’s past theological Calvinism. Both antagonising extremes hold this one thing in common concerning animals: when they die, they cease to exist!

Well, in common with extremes ranging from a Catholic Francis Of Assisi to a Protestant John Wesley, I have no doubt myself concerning a hereafter for our brethren in the animal kingdom. There are countless scriptures to support such a view, from God’s rainbow covenant to His heavenly throne

What is more, if I were to believe for one moment that this present life on earth was the only life that animals were ever going to endure, then – with only a minimum of any compassion left within my veins - I’d surely feel compelled to make this present life for them as comfortable as I possibly could! Consequently, how so called priests of God touched upon, can derive pleasure from seeing hungry hares chased to their death by hounds - or bulls stabbed, goaded and mutilated to their death - utterly astounds me. I sense that only one thing is more sickening than this. It is the horrifying reality that so called ‘spiritual superiors’ within the churches hierarchy have become so degenerate and void of compassion towards helpless subhuman life as to condone such exploitation. Our Blessed Saviour said “To whom most has been given, from them most will be required (at judgment day)”

My prayer is that God in His mercy will save us from degenerating in to a similar icy callousness. One in which the human heart of flesh has so sunk as to solidify into a rigor mortis of stone’. ‘Praise God!’ then I say for organisations such as the ‘Irish Council For the Abolition of Blood Sports’; the ‘Wales Against Animal Cruelty’ foundation; the Scottish based Ethical Voice For Animals; and numerous English based associations that are all speaking up for the plight of dumb animals. Yes, while major churches of the UK would no more care ‘for a sheep that had gone astray’ than would the table upon which my computer is based!

Indeed, as for the Scottish based Ethical Voice For Animals just alluded to, that which follows is correspondence recently received from them; plus my own reply to the sad sender. Yes, as well as to the church in question!

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