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Winter 2011

Fear Truly Makes Wimps Of The Masses

These words are not mine, but indeed, how very true they are! One fellow I admire more than words can tell is Dr Vernon Coleman. In a most delightful book – well worth purchasing for ones self - or as a present for another - is ‘THE DIARY OF A DISGRUNTLED MAN’ Indeed, it lives up to its title in every way, and is truly hilarious as well as being a wonderful exposure of everyday affairs, including the contaminating corruption from Brussels, the legalised drug ‘mafia’ and a host of other things. Why I’m quoting it is just because I’ve read about his view of the modern concept of trying to live in ones Comfort Zone. As he implies: for him he is hardly ever in it as his experience of life and endeavour to ‘break out’ from such a debilitating thing, is his daily endeavour. Well I’ve lost the page (there are no less than 400 pages), but I know what he means. Yes, I’m reminded of the words of another: ‘He that is great amongst you must be a Non Conformist!’ Well, how very true!

After living on this planet 82 years come February, one must now for the first time start to daily sort out household waste in separate containers; and put them out on separate days – including some very early in the mornings! And you know what? I complained about this to two local newspapers and they didn’t publish it, so I sent up a letter with a stamped addressed envelope and only one newspaper replied. Yes, and although I’d written most courteously, the reply was short and curt. Well what a contrast to the way that ‘men of the cloth’ were respected, if not revered, in the past!

We are now living with a new generation that is as heartless and void of feeling as are the computers they are constantly using. Such folk are utterly heartless zombies dragged up in impersonal nurseries and after school centres reflective of intensive breeding establishments for animals. Is it any wonder that stress and suicide is now in epidemic proportions? I tell you, with spineless Cameron and imbecile Clegg ruling our nation – sorry: handing it over to Brussels! – we are rapidly rushing towards the biblical Apocalypse with its elements being destroyed by fire, its tides rising, and (thanks to eagerness to further nuclear dumping!) the biblical plagues touched upon, soon to be actualised!.

However, to all animal lovers whose compassion and care are so obvious: there will be a new Heaven and earth where the meek will inherit the earth; the cow and the bear will feed together; and one reflective of the Babe Of Bethlehem, will lead them. Yes, it’s all delightfully prophetic as well as poetic; yet there is real truth behind it because the words of the Lord’s Prayer’: ‘’Thy Kingdom Come’ - repetitively uttered without meaning by most church folk! - will one day have its long awaited fulfilment.

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