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Winter 2011

Greetings from Doreen and I For A Lovely Christmas

Greetings from Doreen and I For A Lovely Christmas...and if our patient and glorious God spares this earth a little longer! Ė A WHOLE HOST OF BLESSINGS FOR 2012. As for this season of preparation: ĎAdventí, I am reminded of a hymn - comparable to a lovely prayer - written by L. Hensley, with date ascribed as 1867:

Thy Kingdoms Come, O God. Thy rule O Christ, begin!
Break with Thine iron rod the tyrannies of sin.
Where is Thy reign of peace and purity, and love?
When shall all hatred cease, as in the realms above?

When comes the promised time that war shall be no more;
And lust, oppression, crime, shall flee Thy face before?
We pray Thee Lord: arise; and come in Thy great might:
Revive our longing eyes, which languish for Thy sight.

Men scorn Thy sacred Name; and wolves devour Thy fold.
By many deeds of shame, we learn that love grows cold.
Oer lands both near and far, thick darkness broodeth yet.
Arise O Morning Star! Arise and never set.

For the sake of the animals, the planet, and last: the human race, we must prepare the way for Godís peaceable kingdom. It is not enough to pray ĎThy kingdom come!í unless we are endeavouring to work towards it. We must endeavour to do great deeds and not just dream about them. Yes, and none more so than myself!

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