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Winter 2011

Pets Being Turned In To Pin Cushions!

Indeed, the legalised drug ‘mafia’ are truly turning us all, especially the elderly – and more so, youngsters – in to veritable Pin Cushions! Yes, and the vast majority are sitting back and allowing it to happen. Just as blood letting was prescribed and encouraged in the early part of the last century as ‘the correct thing to do’, so in this century – with added fervour – both humans as well as animals are being coerced under pressure to be jabbed not only once; but increasingly on a repetitive scale; and yet there is no sign of any abatement of such infections. Oh how the crowds are hoodwinked by both the drug barons, the nuclear consortium; and of course their self centred partners in the worship of mammon: the average politician!

Having entered the bank on frequent occasions to transfer money from one account in to another, I was told in January that I must fill up one form to withdraw and another to invest. “You’ve always done this for us” I said. “Ah but this is the new system” they replied. Sadly, the masses of customers towed the line and obeyed the new ruling. Well I eventually decided to do something about it. I wrote quite recently to three local newspapers stating that the practice wasn’t good enough. One upstart cut my letter to a third of its length; the two others gave it prominent publicity; and now I find this month that the bank has decided to revert to the old practice, or one similar. Well, my letter may, indeed, have played a part in all this! I only know one thing for sure: the pen can be mightier than the sword.

Well are we happy concerning animals as well as the most vulnerable of humans being turned in to living pincushions? Only the Reader can answer this; but let us never forget that: ‘all that is necessary for evils to thrive is that the average citizen says and - more so! - does nothing.’

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