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Autumn 2012

The Badger Cull: a call to arms!

badger cull 

It was - after much difficulty (see photo above) – thrown out throughout Wales! Now it needs to be thrown out in England!  Very sadly, however, those sick specimens of humanity who hunt and kill for sadistic pleasure or because they have swinging ice bricks in place of warm hearts – will welcome this Coalition’s DEFRA ‘Go-Ahead’ to blast as many defenceless creatures as they can.  Yes, and once skilled in such cold blooded evil, heaven help any vulnerable or defenceless folk should they either get in their way or else be better dead in their eyes than living!

Can’t the so-called political leaders see that what they sow, either of good or evil, that it will ultimately come back to them? How soul-dead can these in positions of influence in this present Cabinet be? If, out of mercenary benefit or even the love of a sick sport, animals are to be mercilessly culled, then what about the fate of our human population, should it get in to the way of their self motivated plans? Such arrogant classes that have no conscience in blasting to smithereens helpless badgers are just a step away from those - like their forefathers - who interpreted those deemed inferior as being mere battle fodder to be sent in to the trenches and shot down like scavenging birds.  Yes, reflective of one member of past monarchy falling out with a half cousin of another over some plot of land; and each using the assumed peasants beneath them to blast the opposing side to pieces.
As for Bovine TB, how can you expect the immune system of gentle herbivorous cattle to remain intact while ever methods of intensive breeding continue and increase? Surely it would be a miracle if such cattle did remain healthy and no longer dependent upon a whole host of antibiotics to keep them alive!  The sensitive creatures over whom we are called by God to exercise a caring dominion and guardianship are instead, being turned in to little more than veritable milk machines.

Indeed, the way we abuse these creatures and then excuse ourselves by saying that such methods are hygienic and humane, is no more worthy of consideration than Vivisectionists who claim that their laboratories are fully sanitised and that the ‘models’ incarcerated would not eat or drink if they were not happy. Yes, reflective of a past Battery Hen proprietor who said to me “our birds are kept clean and away from all predators, and if they were not happy then they wouldn’t lay eggs”. Then, as if to make me fully convinced, he added: “I have the personal assurance of my vet that the battery system is by far the best”. Well, big deal! I sense there are as many in the veterinarian profession who would sell their souls for filthy lucre – or their granny for a bag of chips! - as there are like spirited ‘partners in crime’ in the whole drug empire!
Yes, and though vaccination of badgers is, by far, more humane than is mass maiming and murder; it is in no way as normal as animals brought up in a healthy and uncontaminated environment. I’m old enough to have seen many past pets brought up to live to a ripe old age in an era when going to a vet was seldom if ever done by the average household.  Indeed, whereas going to a vet today so as to have it vaccinated may appear very necessary, I still feel that to take over what a healthy immune system is meant to do – because of constant injection boosts – becomes as unnecessary and damaging as to have babies and young children constantly inoculated!
I’m old fashioned enough to believe that when God made man in His own image, that what He made was good. Yes, and only as a very last resort should we interfere with the workings of the immune system that He has built in to us! Indeed, I’m no medic; but I do know that once a diabetic starts on injections for his affliction, then he has to carry on! So, similarly, with spiralling intervention today: be it drugs or injections, once they’re started, the bodies own defence system may very well lessen or pack in. all together. Indeed, to go further in to the real dangers of such intervention allow me to recommend a concise, hard backed book of 123 pages written by keen animal campaigner, and renowned world author,: Dr Vernon Coleman.  Its title is a long one:

 ‘Anyone Who Tells You Vaccines Are Safe And Effective Is Lying. Here’s The Proof’’
Write to Publishing House, Trinity Place, Barnstaple, Devon EX32 9HG
Requesting catalogue OR visit:

Indeed, it is highly obvious to me that badgers – a supposedly protected species! – are now being used as no more than a disgusting scapegoat for the whole sick system of intensive factory farming which is – very sadly – upheld for mercenary reasons by those brand of veterinarians who – like their GP counterparts – are becoming more and more comparable to the UK’s vast and highly legalised drug and chemical empire. However, you do not have to agree with me; and this is not to say that the average GP or Vet is a rogue. Far from it! I consider those that I’ve mostly come across as great and wonderful people. However, this is not to say that they have not been duped. Indeed, to a greater or lesser extent ‘we all have’; and at the moment – and most relevant to this Newsletter – we have been duped over this outrageous Badger cull; and the two with most blood on their hands are the Prime Minister and the one over DEFRA. ‘Thank God!’ meanwhile for celebrities such as rock star legend Dr Brian May, who boldly campaigns for Badgers, and other animals.  Yes, while clergy - the assumed moral mouthpiece of the nation – sleep on! 

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