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Autumn 2012

The Flock that Christendom Forgot:
An Animal Padre's Uphill Pilgrimage

Episode 14 - The Ways of God Are Wonderful!

My sojourn in Dewsbury - rather than be a maximum of two years, previously promised by the bishop - was to last a full four! The fact is, I was constantly at demos near and far and frequently rocking the boat. Yet, apart from two specific incidents - this one involving the ladies wearing fur, and the other, my sharing of a mission hall pulpit with an acquaintance of decades past, lan Paisley of Belfast! - none had appeared to outwardly criticize what I stood for. Indeed, many proved a good deal sympathetic as well.

My heart truly warmed to those people of Dewsbury, and I know they warmed to me as well. The previous horror of my past desertion and subsequent divorce was never brought up. Unknown to me, and before my arrival to the district, the Dean in his compassion had already warned them that for anyone to do so, would be over his dead body.

And then later, when Doreen came on the scene - with a similar past heartache to my own - she was welcomed most cordially by the whole Christian fellowship there. All the clergy in the team encouraged my remarriage. Indeed, only the High Anglicans of the outer area appeared to oppose it. As one of them kindly said: "You've been married before. Father. It may be good to take Doreen in as your housekeeper. The Romans frequently do that kind of thing and their hierarchy is more understanding that ours! - But, of course, you'll understand: marriage itself is out!"

- to be continued

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