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Spring 2012

The Flaw Of Any Hierarchic Structure

Indeed, once on the line of soaring the ecclesiastical ladder - and acquiring from it the appendages of vain titles! - then the cost required is to be a Ďman pleaserí rather than a true prophet for God , and believe me, it can become so very easy to fall in to such a satanic trap. Yes, and such a trap for vanity is not confined to Anglicanism with its list of clerical appendages to be placed before oneís name; but it is equally to be avoided in a less theatrical Non Conformity where letters after ones name are equally so vainly appended; and perhaps more so in America! What is more, prominence given to a preacher often far surpasses that given to an average rector or humble parish priest.
Iíve been in so-called Holy Orders long enough to see how young clerics grovel to appease older clerics in a desire to climb the ladder of hierarchic structure. So many will sell their soul for it; and nowhere is this more obvious than in Diocesan Synods when the vacancy for a new bishop is in the pipe line. Those who opposed women being ordained were the least to verse their views; whereas those who were for it, made it abundantly clear for all to hear. Indeed, today, knowing the force of minority groups - as well as the general indifference of the silent majority Ė results in such promotion seekers pushing vocally for what ever minority group makes its presence the most felt. Today, itís for women as bishops; tomorrow itíll be for transvestites as such. The year after itíll no doubt be for transgenders!.
Yes, Doreen and I have witnessed first hand how so many such clergy would wait to see how most of the laity would vote by a show of hands; and then they, as clergy, would vote in full agreement. The fact that prayer and a hymn for the guidance of the Holy Spirit had preceded the time to vote was neither here nor there. Indeed, much more could be said about such meetings of top importance to the Denomination; space, however, does not allow. Enough to say that those voted in to lead are Ė with rare and notable exceptions - woolly wafflers or spineless specimens. Indeed, having excelled in diplomacy to a high degree, and having sought to avoid confrontation at all costs, they can no more break away from the mould which now has solidified and encased them than can a leper change its spots. Consequently, the outcome is that, by far, the most of those with positions of top influence in a churches hierarchic structure become the least helpful or wise to lead or advise.
Indeed. though I personally prefer Anglicanism for its ritual and musical settings, I much prefer the Presbyterian form of Church government where all clergy are of equal status; lay presbyters are there to assist, and the congregation has say as to whom they wish to call as their spiritual leader and pastor. However, you donít have to agree with me here. ĎIím not infallible on faith and morals!í  Iím simply an individual with a vision, and much prefer to fulfil what God has laid upon my heart to fulfil. Yes, rather than be a mere Ďtransactorí for what any local committee has decided to do via meetings of much compromise.  I have seldom ever been a committee advocate!.
Indeed, while committees seek to come to a compromise amongst members who may each have a unique slant on a subject raised for drawn out discussion, I act upon the matter most pressing to oneís heart. To my mind, little Ďtruly greatí has ever transpired via committees. Well, at least certainly not in comparison with what has transpired by lone and solitary individuals equipped with a burning calling from God! Yes, and this relates to the animal welfare world as much as it does to any church enterprise. Think of the likes of a Pastor Albert Schweitzer, a Nurse Edith Cavell, a Gladys Ayleward, a Mother Theresa,  a Dr Barnardo, a C.T. Studd, a Father Mario Borrelli or even for that matter a Monsignor Bruce Kent! The list is, indeed, endless Ė history repeats itself! - and so many had been rejected by committees or, well and truly, Ďpulled over the coalsí by their Ďassumedí spiritual superiors.

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