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Summer 2012

No exceptions at all, and most strange priorities

Indeed, the only time Doreen and I heard the Catholic bishop of our district preach was at an ecumenical gathering. Our ears pricked up as he said: “All this fuss these days about animals rights; what about the thousands of humans that are murdered in the womb?” Yes, he was referring to foetuses, many of which had quite some time to develop before being born; and would not ‘by his theology!’ ‘be saved’ for Heaven until ‘authentically!’ baptised as recently born babes. Otherwise, they would be destined for Limbo!
Jesus so clearly said that many would purport to come in His name. However, He said: ‘You will know them by their fruits!’ Consequently, I am forced to ask myself: ‘What kind of fruit is being formed; and has been formed’; by our leading major Christian Denominations?’ Indeed, my own past Anglican college: Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, has a lecturer specialising in Christian Spirituality. Yes, while her dear hubby has delighted in being given the appendage: ‘the hunting parson!’ Indeed, I have two such books written by him!  And, - as for those bullrings in Spain - one of the local Catholic archbishops had his own special ‘spectator’s seat’ in it. Indeed, he termed the slaughter enacted as ‘a deeply moving spiritual experience!’ Well, can one wonder that so many Godly animal rights advocates have turned their backs on the churches?
When will it ever sink in to the heads and hearts of God’s children that our task as humans is to be guardians of the globe? In the figurative literary style of the Garden Of Eden, man was asked to give a name to all the animals. His task is to fulfil a caring stewardship. Yes, it is to be over them in a dominion reflective of a man over his wife*, of parents over their children. Not one of subjugation but rather a dominion reflective of Christ’s dominion over us! One in which our Lord and master stooped down, not only to fulfil the role of a menial servant – washing the disciples feet! – but literally laying down His life for us, as a good shepherd would have done for even one wilfully wayward sheep. (What a contrast to animal husbandry today!)  Yes, that is the way that Jesus wants us to care for life more vulnerable than one’s own. Yet most churches seem too thick to comprehend such a clear and simple Christ given analogy.

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