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Winter 2012

Chauvinism the curse of Christendom!

Human chauvinism has been the curse of Christendom down the centuries and it has resulted in the most vile practices of cruelty inflicted upon defenceless animals for no other reason than to practice blood ‘sports’; to gratify the human palate; to adorn ones self in some obnoxious clothing; to put on the body the camouflaged waste and offal of slaughter houses; and to horribly condone the prolonged torture of assumed lesser creatures in order to prolong this transitory life a little longer before meeting one’s Maker to receive a just and lasting sentence for eternity?  For, I tell you this, all the emphasis on the necessity of having a so called Saving Faith in the mediatorial works of God’s Son - undergone for miserable sinners such as us - counts for nothing: unless we have the love that Christ commanded of us.  Indeed an outward going sacrificial love which was so commonly expressed in a past shepherd’s care for the least and most wayward of his flock. Yes, and summarised so well in the following cry of a shepherd in search of one lost animal:

“Although the roads be rough and steep, I’ll go through deserts to find my sheep!”
Ah’ but none of the ransomed could ever know, how deep were the waters crossed
Nor how dark was the night the Shepherd endured before finding the sheep that was lost.
For out in that desert he’d well heard its cry: it was sick and helpless and ready to die

‘Lord, whence are those blood drops all the way, that mark out this mountainous track?
They were shed for a sheep that has gone astray; ere this shepherd can bring him back!
Then all of a sudden - through the boisterous mountains roar – up from, the rocky steep -
There echoed a cry from the gates of heaven: “rejoice, rejoice, I have found this sheep!”

Verses modified from a hymn by Elizabeth Clephane (1830-69)

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