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Winter 2012

‘Fukushima literally comes to Wales’; Sodom enters via Westminster!

Yes, what you are reading is no joke. It is perfectly true. The Japanese firm responsible for the appalling and unprecedented nuclear disaster in their own country have been given the contract to build a new nuclear plant in Anglesey. One would think that the Welsh Government would be opposed to it, but no: they are highly delighted as, they say, it will bring more jobs. Well yes, I agree; but to whom? I sense to more immigrants from Japan; plus a few more jobs for Welsh folk who are more concerned about money than about their own health and safety; that of their families; or that of everyone else around them!
How ‘the powers that be’ manage to promote such lethal hazards makes me wonder,. But then it is no worse than that horrific thalidomide evil of the nineteen-fifties when the firm responsible - after learning of its horrific side effects - still went ahead manufacturing the vile and horrid substance for quite some time afterwards.  Indeed, those who have no qualms about incarcerating animals for life; and in testing lethal drugs, chemicals and radiation effects upon them; are not the type of folk to ever feel real concern for fellow humans either. Indeed, they may have heads that have evolved to the size of a baseball; but then their souls, in the process, have shrunk to the size of a peanut. Indeed, a lethal combination!  Yes, as I reminded the readers of the two national daily newspapers for Wales (Daily Post in the north and the Western Mail in the south!): how, many years ago, I viewed a fellow carrying a board with ‘Prepare To meet Thy God!’ on it as a religious nut. However, if I saw him in Anglesey today I’d raise my hat and commend him for being very much on the mark.

Of course, the politicians who have given the OK for planting more nuclear on Anglesey are not the only irresponsible culprits; indeed, those at Sellafield and elsewhere are equally as irresponsible. Indeed, the United Kingdom – thanks to the so-called European Union; and the dictatorial scoundrels ranging from Heath to Blair who got us in to it! – has become the EU’s dumping ground for hazardous nuclear waste.  In little Britain – thanks to the past New Labour regime - we now have the biggest bunker in the whole world for storing deadly plutonium! Need you wonder then that if I were not a Christian – and did not experience tremendous peace with God through Jesus - then I’d be quaking in my shoes?
I tell you, dear reader, that Armageddon is at our door; while Sodom has already, well and truly, arrived!  Indeed only fools would deny it. In fact as I write this article TV News has just confirmed that relationships - which the Bible refers to as those of Sodom and Gomorrah! – may now be classed no longer as civil partnerships but – as further concession to those who biblically fornicate (Romans 1:26-27) - as eligible for state marriage. Not only do we have a recognised buffoon spurring the PM all the way along this blatantly anti-scriptural line, but also the Education Secretary supporting the same. Heaven help our children! See Luke 17:1-2
And why is all the above avalanche of evil spreading? The answer is simple: corruption and heartless greed by spineless politicians who promised to represent the folk who voted them in. But once voted in, they become only basically concerned with what they can get for themselves. Indeed, they lie through their teeth promising an in/out referendum. But once installed in office, they make new friends in Brussels and – in my opinion - decide together, through much deceit and guile, how best to milk the system for themselves.
Yes, and not dissimilar, to catch the votes of militant ‘perverts’ they walk rough shod over the moral teaching of our Nation’s major Faiths – Christianity most especially! They ‘fast track’ a farce of a supposed ‘marriage’ innovation: contrary to centuries of agreed Church teaching, without previous mention of it on their manifesto; or indeed a willingness to put it to a national Referendum! Well, if such is not dictatorship at its fullest then I fail to know what is!

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