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Autumn 2013

The Emptiness of Spiritual Windbags

Yes, as convenient as it was for past Nazis to class Jews and other ‘undesirables’ as vermin; even though the latter equally have feelings! Yes, as convenient as it was for ‘born again’ Fundamentalist fisher folk to sing in a vicinity I knew well; ‘Blessed assurance Jesus is Mine”, while, meanwhile, their lobster pots were coming to the boil! The lobsters were pushing the lid open, and those who were singing, prodded the struggling creatures back! No wonder that such fisher folk sought to convince themselves that such had no feelings and also that neither would they have to meet these creatures in the next world as – according to their distorted interpretation of Scripture – such creatures had no immortal soul. Well, how very convenient – yet utterly absurd -such rationalisation was!

‘Spiritual assurance’ has much to commend it, and is frequently confirmed in a believers walk, vision and all-embracing compassion. However, ‘Spiritual arrogance’ is no substitute and is reflected in those who are convinced of at least two things - even if no more! It’s that they have their own B.A. in that they are ‘Born again’. And they might also profess that they have a D.D, confessing: ‘Divine Deliverance. But if their love leaves out the world, and is shrunk to fellowship with a variety of Bible bashers, such as those who bawl out from ‘speakers’ corners’, then they are - in my mind! - little more than Spiritual Windbags; and haven’t I met them? Indeed, I certainly have! They’re sure they are Saved! But have serious doubts about all others!

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