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Autumn 2013

Spoilt Humans Dissatisfied With Their Lot!

Today’s modern society is riddled through with a whole host of ungrateful folk who are dissatisfied with their roles in life. Indeed, I sense these are increasing because of lack of chastisement when they were young. Indeed, these were largely encouraged to make past scenes in public, because - rather than having received a wrapping for so doing - they were repeatedly given much attention. Yes, long enough, until they got what they wanted! Consequently, they have now been subconsciously programmed to create scenes, because – doing so long enough – resulted in worn out jaded parents giving in to their tantrums.

Such incompetent parents were – and are today - not only making a so called rod for their own back but also a hell of a future for their offspring who sooner or later find that, creating a tantrum long enough as a grown up does not have society ‘giving in’ as did those past frustrated and inadequate mums and dads of past years! Neither will society, as a whole, ‘give in’; or indeed a future spouse or partner! So, consequently, divorces are rising as never before; while the majority of the younger generation, witnessing this, are happy to live ‘over the brush!’

Yes, because of so much pampering when they were children, such humans on reaching adulthood sulk and brood when they see others seemingly being more accepted in varying spheres than they, themselves. are. Consequently, being disgruntled is rapidly on the increase; and the results are so often utterly devastating. Instead of being grateful for the gift of a human life instead of that of an animal these ‘human specimens’ frequently find themselves sulking because they do not have the complementary faculties of their opposite sex! Indeed, this came across to me when recently visiting a museum in Liverpool:

On making ones way to visit a replica of the past Liverpool Overhead Railway: (the first electric train in the world!) Doreen and I past a side exhibition which was centered around how a disgruntled trans-sexual – born and brought up as a male - managed to get the law changed in the UK which would then acknowledge him – after a sex change operation – as now ‘legally’ a woman. Such a vain and dissatisfied specimen of humanity had, undoubtedly, undergone much depression due to not being happy with finding himself in a male body when he felt that he would much have preferred being in a female one.

Well, thankfully, such a disgruntled specimen wasn’t a burden on the tax payer, because he had enough money - as a Professional Exhibitionist - to pay for his own quite risky medical ‘reformation!’ Yes, a contrast to nowadays when similar procedures are carried out so very often at the cost of the public tax payer!

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