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Summer 2013

Believe me, compromising does no good whatsoever!

Indeed, I came across it personally when insisting that animals be remembered
at their National memorial on the same time as humans are remembered at Whitehall and elsewhere. Indeed, for this the ASWA committee disassociated themselves from me, and I wish them no harm. They do a noble work.Ē Yet around eighty sympathisers turned up last ĎRemembrance Sunday Morningí, and amongst the many wreaths was one provided by Brian May; and Iíve no doubt thereíll be one this year as well!
Yes indeed, though 83 and living in Wales, Iíll endeavour to be down again this year, because we must not let the animals down, nor the humans who graciously come to remember them each Remembrance Sunday Morning. Indeed, If you would care to join us the venue is: The Animals War Memorial (Nearest Tube: Marble Arch), Brook Gate, On Park Lane. The Time: 10.30am.  Youíll be glad you came!

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