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Summer 2013

A Review of Alice Frank's Book A Bowden Romance

‘A small woman with a large heart!’ That was a definition given of a past missionary called Gladys Ayleward. Well, I’d also give it to a largely unknown author that writes under the pseudonym of Alice Frank. She is no missionary to Chinese children but most certainly a mouthpiece in our time for abused animals!
This authoress has written a most touching book which has quite moved me because not only is she extremely compassionate over animal concern, but her knowledge of a past part of Cheshire and surrounding counties is one that deeply intrigues me.  This writer transports us back in to a past century or two and makes the past live again as she follows the path of a dear young lady, so often alone in a heartless world except for a dear youngster, the gift of a husband moved on.  Joyful experiences, mixed with extremely sad ones, move one’s emotions; and being interspersed with references to lesser known Christian enterprises - which were indeed the forerunner of today’s vegetarianism - the line between what was past fact and is now present fiction is often left very much for the reader to choose.
Two things are most sure: the writer knows her local history well, and equally knows how to tell a superb yarn. Yes, and all for the benefit of getting folk to hopefully change much of what they consume or practice!

Animal Padre Newsletter Alice Frank

Indeed, to tell any more would be to spoil the first reading of such ‘A BOWDEN ROMANCE’. I would simply add that those who read it impartially will find themselves not only temporarily transported to living in another past era; but it may also soften them to change their present diet as well. Yes, or ‘God forbid’ to criticize the book because - at a subconscious level - it has touched some raw nerve they would rather not know about. Indeed I find this book most delightful.

 Published by Memoirs Publishing ISBN 978-909020-07-8 (also available via Amazon)

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