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Winter 2013

Remembrance Sunday Morning Service 2013 At The Animals War Memorial: Near Hyde Park, Brookes Gate, Off Park Lane. London

Animal Padre Newsletter

More than ever attended this year, around 78; and I was again privileged to share such a ‘moving service’ – which includes the Nation’ 2 minutes silence - with Fr George O’Chola: a full time hospital chaplain – as I once was!  He, and his most delightful; family live in Watford

Doreen was again ‘behind the scenes’ taking the photos; just as she is behind the scenes as Organist, when I lead worship in several North Wales churches of varying denominations! ‘What a wonderful, humble, ‘helpmeet’ sent by God!’ Below is but one of several group photos she snapped from the back of the gathered crowd:

Animal Padre Newsletter

Doreen and I, wish all of you much blessing throughout this festive season; and - of more importance still -  the blessings of ‘Health, Courage and 'Faithfulness so as to serve our lovely ‘King Of Kings’, unwavering, throughout 2014.

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