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COK in 2012: The Power of Compassion

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COK in 2012: The Power of Compassion

[Ed. Note: Also see Some Good News and Some Victories for Animals in 2012.]

From Compassion Over Killing (COK)
January 2013

Thanks to the kindness of our wonderful members and the dedication of our amazing volunteers, 2012 has been a tremendous year for COK—and for animals. It’s because of your support that we’re able to bring about such important and meaningful changes for animals.

With you at our side, we released an undercover video that prompted the USDA to shut down a California slaughter plant. We’re persuading major companies, like Subway, that vegan eating is the new business as usual. We permanently closed the doors of a chicken and duck hatchery. And so much more. Together, we’re making incredible strides, and we’re thrilled to share our year in review video and more highlights below.

Thanks again for your support - and for helping us demonstrate the power of compassion!

The Power of Compassion: Highlights from 2012