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Issaquah Salmon Days Festival halts frog sales

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Issaquah Salmon Days Festival halts frog sales

[Ed. Note: All-Creatures in no way endorses a festival that "celebrates" killing and eating salmon. However, good news for some animals IS good news!]

From Save the Frogs
October 2012

Letter to Dr. Kerry Kriger, founder of Save the Frogs

Hi Kerry,

A small victory: No frogs were sold this year at the Issaquah Salmon Days Festival. The festival is a very large local event.

For the past few years a vendor has been selling small African frogs in tiny plastic containers. My friends and I had complained to the festival organizers, the mayor, and anyone else who would listen citing CDC warnings, disease threats to local frogs and amphibians, and cruelty to animals.

The festival was this past weekend. They finally listened and there were no frogs for sale!

 Diane, Issaquah WA 


From the website (not to be named!) selling frogs in inappropriate and inadequate habitats:

"Just change the water twice a year and feed twice a week!"

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