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North Carolina Ag Gag Bill Fails this Session

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North Carolina Ag Gag Bill Fails this Session

From In Defense of Animals (IDA)
August 2013

IDA teamed up with animal advocates like you and other animal protection organizations to convince North Carolina’s legislature to oppose Senate Bill 648, the state’s proposed “ag gag” bill.

Ag gag bills seek to criminalize individuals who document animal abuse in slaughterhouses and on factory farms. Without the evidence that undercover video provides, the worst abuses committed by the factory farming industry would go unseen and unpunished.

Ag gag bills are a clear attempt by animal agriculture interests to suppress exposure of severe animal abuse. If the animal agriculture industry is not responsible for any wrongdoings and has nothing to hide, it should not be concerned about undercover investigations.

Thanks to you the North Carolina legislature ended this session without passing its version of the ag gag bill.